Nutritional assessment system
developed by Edasnut Technology


Designed for nutritional estatus assessment of the patient in specialized dietary consultation within clinics, health centers, hospitals and residential centers.

It allows the comprehensive nutritional management of the patient with the assessment of the nutritional status, the registration of clinical and dietary history, anthropometric analysis and automatic allocation of the diet according to the calculated nutritional requirements.

Differential functionalities


Rapid and early detection of cases of malnutrition, obesity, metabolic syndrome and eating disorders


Management of clinical history, dietary survey, anthropometric values ​​and calculation of nutritional requirements


Creation system of personalized meal plans adapted to domestic or food-service kitchen


Download detailed nutritional reports for the patient, family member or medical unit

85% Reduction of cost overruns due to malnutrition

Nutritional tests for the identification of malnourished cases and the application of Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT) that improves health status and reduces recovery time and hospital stay

15 % Waiting list reduction in hospital admissions

Reduction in hospital waiting lists derived from the reduction in the prevalence of malnutrition and the early identification of cases in primary care medical service

100 % Digital assistance for dietary prescription

User support system for decision-making in dietary prescriptions for the patient. Supplemented with our especialized nutritional library Consult.

100 % Adaptation of diets to food-service kitchen operation

Adjustment of the diet prescribed to the patient with the code of planned diets in the hospital or residential center


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