Digital portal for consulting professional nutritional information
developed by Edasnut Technology


Developed as a professional consultation tool for nutritionists, doctors, nurses and other health workers who require a rapid instrument and proven scientific evidence in the field of nutrition.

It includes a digital dietary library with recommendations and standard menus for different health and pathological states.

It has a section for downloading documents.

Finally, it shares with the Clinic module the nutritional sreening test for the detection of pathological states and the calorie calculator for assessing the nutritional requirements of a patient.

Differential functionalities


Consultation space for Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT), recommended foods and typical menus in health, pathology and sports nutrition


Documents, downloadable files, access to regulations and links to pages of nutritional interest and food quality


Rapid and early detection of cases of malnutrition, obesity, metabolic syndrome and eating disorders


Quick calculation and recording of calories and specific micro and macronutrient requirements

100 % Pioneer and with science-based

First dietary library prepared by a qualified team of nutritionists that reports the scientific evidence of its content.

100 % permanently updated 

The technical team of Edasnut Nutrition works constantly expanding and updating the nutritional information available in the tool.

100 % Competitive in price

Highly competitive price for a professional tool that is constantly updated and improved.

100 % adaptable to mobile devices

Module adaptable to tablet or smartphone format to be able to carry out consultations, calculations or evaluations of the nutritional status in situ, whatever the moment in which access is required (hospital bedside, medical consultation, classroom, etc, ...)


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