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Nutritional consulting


Our mission is to make the population aware of the importance of nutrition in their daily rutines as an instrument to improve their quality of life.


Our objective is aimed at the introduction nutritional intervention in the population as a fundamental strategy to improve their quality of life, being pioneers in the development, use and implementation of new enabling technologies.


The outstanding qualification of our work team and our commitment to nutrition and customers are some of the values ​​that define us. To this, we must add the technological approach that enterely marks the company's philosophy.

Edasnut Nutrition

Edasnut nutrition offers its specialized advisory service in all areas of clinical nutrition and food service.  In addition to this, Edasnut organizes courses and collaborates in technical-nutritional aspects related to
Edasnut Technology

Technical departments


Advisory to food-service companies, care-homes and schools centers.
We design their technical documents: sheets for dishes, menus, dietetic plans, etc,...


Personalized nutritional consultation. With nutritional assessment of the patient and the design of specific meal plans


Training sessions aimed at nutritionists, health care workers, Kitchen staff, students, etc, ...



Technical nutritional sheets

We prepare all the technical documentation such as technical sheets of nutritionally valued dishes with allergen declaration according to European regulations (R UE 1169/2011 and R UE 852/2004).

As part of our business, we unify documents and adapt the admission rations according to the Consensus Document for school canteens

We have extensive experience in the calculation and design of meal plans made through the NutriPlanner calibration software developed by Edasnut Technology. This computer system ensures the efficiency and precision of the results we manage.

If you want more information or hire any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Menus targeted to food-service companies

We design basic and special meal plans with nutritional assessment information and allergen declaration according to European regulations with the unification of diets to improve kitchen operattion.

The calculations are performed using the NutriPlanner Calibrator Software developed by Edasnut Technology that ensures the efficiency and precision of the results obtained.

If you want more information or hire any of our services, contact us.

Dietetics menus

Desarrollo de cartas dietéticas y menús diarios de restaurantes, bares y cafeterías con información de nutrientes y declaración de alérgenos según normativa europea R (UE) 1169/2011 sobre información alimentaria facilitada al consumidor.

Digitalización informática a través de Software NutriPlanner Calibrador desarrollado por Edasnut Technology para facilitar la gestión de la información y su tratamiento en futuras adaptaciones de estos documentos.

Si deseas más información o contratar algunos de nuestros servicios, contacta con nosotros.


In company Nutritional assement 

Provision of a qualified nutrition professional who performs the assessment of the nutritional status of the patient at the client's own facilities.

This allows having a nutritionist service without having to incorporate it into the company's staff, with the aim of improving the health status of users at a competitive price.

Private nutritional assessment

We provide a network of licensed clinical nutritionists who offer their consulting service in collaboration with Edasnut Nutrition.

If you want to contact a professional or be part of our network of registered professionals, fill out the form that you will find by clicking down-buttons below.


Food handler training

We teach face-to-face or virtual food handler courses subsidized by the Fundación Tripartita Fundae.

For more information about our methodology and our prices,
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Nutritional training days

We arrange training sessions for employees, managers, center managers, kitchen staff, ... at the client's own facilities or at our headquarters.

We cover the different sectors of clinical, food-service and digital nutrition.

If you want more information or hire some of our services, contact us.

                                        Some projects

Edasnut Network

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